Quel siège ballon choisir ?

Written by Bloon Paris


Which balloon seat to choose?

Balls were traditionally used for gymnastics or in Pilates exercises. Today, more and more, they are becoming real seats and an alternative to the office chair.


We are now talking about balloon seats or balloon seats. These are ergonomic balls that encourage movement and replace the classic office chair that causes a lot of pain. The Bloon was created by an osteopath specializing in gesture and posture.

His mission ?


Improve back and muscle health and promote good sitting posture at work or at home. It only takes a few weeks of use to see the benefits and feel better about your body.


It is an ideal solution for the back, to work in the best conditions and thus relax. So yes, it's a good idea, but you still need to know how to choose your balloon seat? We tell you everything in the following lines:

What is a balloon seat?


A balloon seat is an ergonomic seat. Initially, it is simply a balloon measuring more than 50 cm inflated with air. Although it is widely used in gym or Pilates sessions, it has now replaced the traditional office chair.


The particularity of this seat is that it has no backrest to rest your back. Sitting on a ball chair involves making an effort to keep your back in the most natural position possible.


With daily practice, the seat ball is guaranteed to improve blood circulation, provide tone, strengthen deep muscles and reduce spinal stress.


When you sit, you adopt a dynamic posture in just a few seconds since it encourages movement. The muscles of the body are used to compensate for this instability and the abdominal strap is strengthened.

Choosing a seat ball based on its size


The balloon seat is available in different sizes and slightly adjustable in height depending on its inflation. You must, in fact, choose your seat ball according to its size.


When sitting in the center of the ball, with your back straight, your feet should be flat on the ground and your hips should be higher than your knees. The model must be wide enough to provide comfort and stability.


But the Bloon has a patented weighted base, guaranteed to be anti-rolling to ensure perfect safety.



Choose a balloon seat according to your sitting position


The height of the ball seat relative to the height of the user's pelvis is also important. When sitting, the pelvis should be a little higher than the knees. The thighs are therefore slightly inclined and the back is straight.


Inflating the seat ball allows you to play with this seat height.

The size of the office


To use a balloon chair to work at your desk, you must be able to rest your forearms on the desk.


The Bloon ball can be used with desks whose height is between 70 and 80 cm for adults.

Choosing your Bloon seat ball


Created to help improve muscle tone and maintain good posture.


It's a ball but above all it's a beautiful ergonomic seat with an elegant design that adapts to everyone and every interior. It is equipped with a patented weighted base, is guaranteed burst-proof, machine washable and made with an eco-responsible fabric. It comes with an Easy To Pump inflation kit which takes just five minutes to inflate it.

The Bloon balloon is not a simple plastic balloon


The Bloon seat ball is much more aesthetically pleasing than many gym balls. It was designed by a French designer to provide a seat that is comfortable, original, elegant and efficient.


The four-piece pattern system makes the fabric more flexible because it has less adjournment. Every part of the Bloon ball is carefully checked, inspected, brushed and certified.


In addition, the fabrics that cover the Bloon seat ball are respectful. Thanks to the selection of quality raw materials and know-how, they are designed to last. The fabrics are Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified, a quality label which guarantees the safety of the fabrics.

Choose your Bloon seat ball based on its design


Bloon balloon seats adapt to all interiors and all tastes.


There is a wide range to choose the Bloon ball that suits you best.


Opt for the Bloon Original, the version in ultra-resistant heather fabric, perfect for everyday use, the Bloon terry for maximum cocooning, the Bloon Velvet with a soft velvet effect but also the imitation leather version for an industrial style.