Que faire quand on a mal au dos ?

Written by Bloon Paris


What to do when you have back pain?

When you complain about having back pain, you can find yourself helpless. Even if pain can be a hindrance, you should not hesitate to move while trying as best as possible to respect it. We give you some advice to relieve yourself of the evil of the century!

  • The Ballon seat, a solution for the back

The gym ball is known for allowing you to practice strengthening exercises and stretching like the Bloon!

But, it is also a perfect seat for adopting a dynamic position throughout the day.

  • The Bloon seat involves 2 mechanisms with a positive impact on the back:

    • Deep Abdominal Muscle Activation: Sitting on a Bloon engages and stabilizes your abdominal muscles so you stay in controlled balance.

    • An active sitting position: the base of the Bloon encourages you to instinctively maintain a more natural body position, which considerably reduces possible muscular imbalances or back pain.


    • The L-Sit

    A very good exercise for warming up because it allows you to work on overall balance and proprioception of the pelvis.

    • Sitting on the Bloon, spread your arms to put them at 90° to your shoulders (in a T shape).

    • Spread your feet hip-width apart to stabilize yourself. Then raise one leg to 90° so that your foot is at pelvic height.

    Hold this position for at least 30 or 45 seconds, repeating twice on each side.

    • The Hula Hoop

    Sitting on the ball, straighten your back. Then we join our hands behind our heads with a desire for self-aggrandizement.

    • We spread the legs slightly in relation to the width of the pelvis and we rotate in both directions.

    • It's not about making big movements, but just about rotating your pelvis around a vertical axis in order to make it move in all planes of space. It is important that the movement is slow and controlled for the warm-up.

    To perform 20 rotations in each direction.


    • The banana

      It is an exercise that stretches the muscles surrounding the spine as well as the pillars of the diaphragm. Simple to do regularly while sitting, your back will thank you!

      • Sitting on the Bloon, you join your two hands above your head once again with a desire for self-aggrandizement.

      • We then lower one of the hands to the level of the Bloon's belt on the side, while we slightly tilt the pelvis of the other.

      Maintain the position for 45 seconds to 1 minute, do it on both sides.

      • The Back Roll

      A very interesting exercise because it stretches all the anterior muscle chains as well as the diaphragm which is the main inspiratory muscle.

      • Start from a seated position on the Bloon, then in a controlled manner, let your feet slide forward so as to have your back in contact with the Bloon.

      • We place the back of our head on the ball and focus on our breathing and the feeling of stretching. The arms can be extended or relaxed at the sides.


      • The mountain board

      Combining balance, deep strengthening and dynamic abdominal exercises; The Montagnarde plank is a very good exercise for overall strengthening of the anterior chains.

      • Position yourself above your Bloon by placing your hands flat on it, arms outstretched. We straighten one leg and then the other and we first seek our balance by contracting the muscles of the arms, legs and abdominals.

      • We continue the exercise by alternating flexions of our hips so that the front part of our knees comes into contact with the Bloon.

      Repeat 15 times on each side

      • The Gluteal Bridge

      Hamstrings, lumbar muscles, abdominals and buttocks, everything is included in this very complete exercise to particularly strengthen the posterior muscular chains.

      • We lie on the ground on our back, arms alongside the body and our heels placed on the ball. You bend your knees to 90°, automatically your feet find themselves flat on the Bloon for better stability during the rest of the exercise.

      • We then perform slow and controlled movements of T elevation and pelvis elevation. Here, it is our arms and our abdominals that control the movement.

      To be performed in 2 sets of 2 repetitions.


      • Prayer

      At the end of the session for an overall stretching of the back and shoulders. We will focus on deep breathing and the feeling of stretching.

      • We position ourselves on our knees in front of our Bloon, our pelvis resting on our heels. Place your hands flat on your Bloon, arms outstretched and bring your head in so that you are looking down.

      • We move our weight discreetly forward continuously in order to increase the intensity of the stretch. We take a deep breath and relax!

      Maintain this position for 1m30 to 2 min.

      • The belly roll

      The perfect exercise to relax your back at the end of the session.

      • Once again we kneel in front of the Bloon which we come to encompass with our arms while positioning our stomach against it.

      • To finish and have the most relaxed position possible, place your chin on the ball. Once again we focus on deep breathing.

      Hold for at least 1m30.