Collection Élixir

Written by Bloon Paris


Elixir Collection

This fall, we are delighted to present our latest velvet collection, called Elixir .

A collection with captivating cocktail notes: Curaçao , Kahlua , Basil , Mimosa , Lagon , Cosmo .

Inspired by the art of mixology, each color has been meticulously selected to evoke the subtle and sophisticated essence of the most exquisite cocktails, adding a touch of refinement to your interior.

At Bloon, we create more than just a seat, we shape experiences. Just as a talented mixologist harmonizes each flavor to create a cocktail of excellence, our artisans work with dedication to design exceptional furniture that meets your individual needs and your quest for comfort.

Each balloon seat is handmade in our workshops in Portugal and embodies the perfect alliance between traditional know-how and contemporary design.

With its colorful and assertive design, the Elixir collection is the finishing touch that enhances any interior. Available in six exclusive versions, each featuring a unique combination of three vibrant colors that will blend perfectly with your living space.

Each color choice has been meticulously selected to create a centerpiece that fits harmoniously, and adds a dose of modernity and elegance to your home.

Elixir is the perfect marriage between two universes, where the art of mixology meets physical and mental well-being.

Imagined by an osteopath convinced that movement is the key to well-being, the Bloon offers you the freedom to move even while seated, maintaining a dynamic posture beneficial for your body. It becomes much more than a piece of furniture, but a life partner, supporting you with every movement.

By choosing a balloon seat from the Élixir collection , you are investing in an unparalleled sensory experience. Imagine yourself, sitting on ultra-soft velvet, and let yourself be carried away by comfort and relaxation.

Join us in this adventure where movement becomes a source of pleasure and comfort. The sitting revolution begins at home!