Comment s'asseoir sur un siège ballon ?

Written by Bloon Paris


How to sit on a balloon seat?

How to sit on a ball?


A ball to sit on? What a funny idea !


Not so far-fetched because many health professionals recommend this solution to relieve back pain.


You must have noticed for yourself that when you sit in an office chair, your body is passive, your back rounds, which causes tension and pain in the shoulders and lower back.


While thanks to the rounded shape of the ball, your sitting becomes active.


Your body adopts a more natural position that is more respectful of the spine. Your pelvis and spine are active, not passive like in an office chair.


But how to adopt the right gestures and how to sit properly on this new type of seat? We reveal all our secrets to you so you can reap all the possible benefits and immediately replace your chair with a balloon seat.


Sit properly on a ball


First step to sit properly on a ball, it is necessary to have your feet placed flat, your knees must be lower than your pelvis.


This way your back naturally and quickly adopts the position that suits you best.


Your pelvis is stabilized by the automatic contraction of your abdominals and lumbar muscles, which also strengthens the proper support of the spine.


In terms of sensation, you perceive a slight muscular effort which leads to regular energy expenditure throughout the day.


A few fewer calories is always a win!


By using a ball chair, you spend so many hours during which you are active versus a classic office chair where your body tends to relax and turn towards a certain passivity.


Adopt the correct position


  • First step: Adjust the seat height of the ball according to your height. To do this, inflate the ball and sit on it and test your comfort. Little tip: Press your heels against the ball and observe that your knees are lower than your pelvis and that the angle between your bust and your thighs is around 110°.


  • Step two: Position the ball in relation to your desk. It is advisable to bring the ball as close as possible to the desk so as to avoid any pain. The distance between your bust and the desk should be between 5 and 10 cm.


  • Third step: Arm position. Once seated, place your elbows on the desk like an armrest, which will release tension in the shoulders and neck.


  • Fourth step: The position of the legs has no constraints, feel free to move your legs according to your desires and your sensations From the first minutes spent on the Bloon, you will feel free from any movement. Impossible to cross your legs, so no bad habit!


  • Fifth step: Adjust the height of your screens. In order to get all the benefits from the balloon seat, it is necessary to raise your screen to put it at eye level. You can also adjust your keyboard distance accordingly.


Once your Bloon is properly adjusted, it's time to fully enjoy your new active seat.


We bet you'll move without really realizing it.


You will jump and move lightly back and forth, from left to right. You will be moving and the magic will happen! This is the whole advantage of the balloon seat.


A little health advice: choose shoes without heels to prevent your weight from being distributed exclusively on the soles of your feet .


Finally, there is no need to worry for hyperactive workers, if you get up suddenly, the Bloon will not leave. The Bloons have a weighted base that stabilizes. We have thought of everything to guarantee your safety!


The right duration


The Bloon is a seat in its own right and as such has no usage limit.


You can spend 30 minutes a day as 6 hours straight.


The most important thing is to move optimally and naturally every day. This is what prevents the appearance of pain/discomfort linked to prolonged sitting.


The Bloon keeps all the advantages of the gym ball without the disadvantages. It stimulates your pelvis every second. We eliminate instability while maintaining dynamism thanks to its weighted and non-slip base.


We advise you to get up at regular intervals and do some regular exercise, as well as sitting on a Bloon!


The right height


The Bloon seat ball is available in two different sizes to adapt to different body types.


The regular size is perfect for people measuring between 1.50 m and 1.79 m.


It is suitable for desks whose height varies from 70 to 76 cm.


Size XL is suitable for people over 1.80 m tall.


The ball seat can be adjusted in height. All you need to do is play with the inflation.


The Bloon ball chair, the result of a collaboration between designer and osteopath


The Bloon ball chair has been designed with prevention through movement in mind. Daily movement is the ideal way to improve back health.


The Bloon balloon seat covers are designed using a four-piece patterning system. This makes the fabric more flexible because it is less adjourned.


The comfort and flexibility of the ball are therefore preserved. Even if the ideal posture does not exist, we alternate positions throughout the day, thus avoiding static positions.