Quelle taille de siège ballon choisir pour travailler au bureau ?

Written by Bloon Paris


What size balloon chair should I choose for working in the office?

Choosing the right size balloon chair for working in the office may seem complicated, but this choice is essential to ensure your comfort. In our guide, we help you choose the size of ball chair that suits you according to your height, weight and your work space.

The importance of the balloon seat

Prolonged working in the office can lead to negative consequences on health and well-being, such as lower back pain, muscle tension in the neck and shoulders as well as eye fatigue and headaches. Additionally, working in a prolonged sitting position can cause posture problems, increased stress and anxiety, and reduced blood circulation.

The use of a ball chair can be a good alternative to a traditional office chair, because it has a positive impact on health by encouraging a dynamic posture which helps reduce lower back pain and muscle tension by promoting the activation of the muscles. muscles of the back, legs and abdominals.

Using a ball chair in the office can also help reduce eye strain, headaches and the feeling of heavy legs. The ball seat encourages an active posture that stimulates blood circulation, which can help reduce stress and anxiety levels associated with sedentary office work.

Avoid office gym ball size mistakes


It is essential to avoid mistakes related to the size of the Swiss ball. Opting for a ball that is too big or too small can have bad consequences on your posture and comfort.

Choosing a balloon that is too small:

A gym ball size that is too small can lead to muscle strain and uncomfortable posture because the ball will not provide adequate support. It can also increase the risk of injury or fall and compromise your stability.

Choosing a balloon that is too big:

Conversely, excessive swiss ball size can lead to decreased productivity and muscle fatigue since it makes maintaining a stable and comfortable posture difficult.

Ignore desk height:

If the size of the ball is too small compared to the height of your desk, you risk leaning forward excessively, which can cause tension in your shoulders and back. Otherwise, a ball size that is too large compared to the height of your desk can cause overload on the forearms and wrists.

How to choose the right size ball for sitting in the office?

When choosing the size of the ball to sit on in the office, there are several factors to consider.

The height of your desk

The height of your desk is a crucial consideration when choosing the size of the desk ball. An ideally sized gym ball should allow you to form a 90-degree angle with your knees when seated, with your feet flat on the floor.

Your size

Your height is also an important factor to consider when choosing the size of the balloon seat. If you are tall, opt for a slightly larger gym ball and vice versa if you are short.

Your weight

In addition to your desk height and height, your weight is also a factor in choosing the size of the ball. Gym balls can hold a specific maximum weight. So make sure you choose a ball that has a higher weight capacity to ensure effective and long-term use.

To help you choose the ideal balloon size, we have developed an explanatory table, which lists our three sizes of Bloon balloons according to desk height, weight and height of individuals. This table will allow you to find your ideal balloon size easily.

Tips for effective use of your gym ball in the office

To take full advantage of the ergonomic benefits of your balloon seat, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Inflate your balloon correctly: Make sure your balloon is well inflated to ensure your stability and comfort.
  • Maintain correct posture: Avoid leaning too far forward or backward. Instead, try to engage your abdominal and back muscles to maintain an upright, stable posture while sitting on the ball. If you would like to learn more about the best practices for sitting on a ball, check out our article “how to sit on a ball”
  • Take active breaks: Take advantage of the ergonomic benefits of your ball seat to perform stretches and simple exercises. We have selected for you 10 exercises with a ball at the office: for an active and balanced life.
  • Use a footrest if necessary: ​​If your feet are not completely flat on the ground when you are seated on your ball, use a footrest to maintain an ergonomic and comfortable position.

In addition to choosing the right size ball, these tips will help you maximize the benefits of your office ball chair and improve your health and productivity at work.

Finally, to maintain good posture when sitting, prevent muscle pain, promote well-being and productivity at work, choosing the right size of ball is essential. By taking into account your desk height, height and weight, you can select the right gym ball size for your needs.

Investing in a suitable office ball and following the recommended tips for optimal use will not only improve your comfort in the office but also increase your productivity and your health.

Opt for the Bloon balloon chair and transform your workspace into a more ergonomic environment for more pleasant and productive working days.

FAQ: Find your balloon seat size for optimal comfort

How do I determine what size desk seat ball is right for me?

To determine the size of the desk balloon that is right for you, you can use the table provided in Part III which presents the three Bloon balloon sizes available depending on the height of your desk, your height and your weight.

Are there specific gym ball size recommendations based on my height or build?

Yes, there are specific recommendations depending on your size, you can refer to our table to choose the suitable balloon size.

What happens if I choose the wrong balloon seat size?

If you choose an incorrect ball size, you will have an uncomfortable posture when sitting, which can cause muscle pain.

Are there any tips for adjusting the size of the exercise ball if I feel uncomfortable?

If you feel uncomfortable on your exercise ball, you can try adjusting the height of your desk or using a different size ball.

What are the most common mistakes to avoid when choosing the size of your office balloon?

The most common mistakes to avoid when choosing the size of a desk balloon include choosing a balloon that is too small or too large, or neglecting the height of the desk.