Swiss ball au bureau : les bienfaits sur votre posture et productivité

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Swiss ball at the office: the benefits for your posture and productivity

Using a Swiss ball in the office is a great alternative to a traditional office chair. Indeed, a gym ball at the office helps combat a sedentary lifestyle, improve your posture, as well as your productivity.

Did you know that sitting for long hours can increase your risk of chronic diseases? According to the WHO (World Health Organization), a sedentary lifestyle causes 3.2 million deaths per year worldwide. Other studies show that 70% of office workers suffer from back problems due to poor posture.

This is why, for your well-being, it is very important to arrange your working environment ergonomically to avoid any health problems.

Why use a balloon chair in the office?

Although using a balloon chair as an office chair may seem uncomfortable at first, its use offers several benefits, both for our health and for our well-being.

The dangers of sitting

Most employees today work at least 8 hours a day behind a desk. And although spending your day behind a desk may seem more attractive than spending your day in the fields or on a construction site…

Prolonged daily sitting has devastating effects on our health, but also on our well-being.

To name just a few: obesity, musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, altered postures, metabolic syndrome... But also a lack of concentration and productivity.

Whether you are an employee or a business manager, the balloon seat is an option that might interest you.

The benefits of the balloon chair in the office

The benefits of the ball chair in the office are multiple, both for our health and for our well-being and productivity.

By replacing your traditional office chair with a ball chair , you benefit from active sitting, which helps reduce muscle tension, prevent back pain and promote better concentration, and as a result, you have more productivity .

By integrating a Swiss Ball at work , not only do you avoid the harmful effects of prolonged sitting, but you also stimulate your entire muscular and bone system.

Benefits of sitting on a gym ball in the office

The main benefits of sitting on a gym ball in the office are:

Improved posture

Placed behind your desk, the gym ball naturally encourages correct sitting. Its moderate instability encourages your body to continually adjust its posture to maintain balance. This promotes an aligned spine and even distribution of body weight, reducing pressure on joints and muscles.

Muscle strengthening

When you use a yoga ball at the office , you are constantly engaged in a dynamic posture. This stimulates the activation of the abdominal, back and stabilizer muscles, thus strengthening the deep musculature of the trunk. This muscle strengthening helps prevent back pain and posture problems often associated with prolonged sitting.

Stimulates blood circulation

Unlike a traditional office chair, the Swiss ball promotes movement and mobility. Its continued use encourages better blood circulation, thus reducing the feeling of fatigue and promoting better concentration. Better circulation also means increased oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and brain, which can improve mental clarity and productivity.

Promotes activation and concentration

The instability of the Swiss ball stimulates the activation of stabilizing muscles, which promotes concentration by helping to maintain attention for long periods of time. An active posture on this ball seat also engages the mind, promoting better concentration and greater productivity at work.

Encourages movement

Thanks to its dynamic design, the Swiss ball naturally encourages movement. This allows employees to change positions regularly and avoid stagnation, which can help reduce muscle tension and prevent pain associated with prolonged sitting.

Promotes balance and coordination

Using the Swissball in the office works the stabilizing muscles and promotes balance and coordination. By adapting to the instability of the ball seat , its users develop better body awareness and increased coordination, which can have long-term benefits on their health and well-being.

Impact on work productivity

By promoting dynamic posture, better blood circulation and increased concentration, using a Swiss ball in the office can have a positive impact on work productivity. Employees feel more energized, focused and motivated, resulting in improved overall performance.

Impact on stress and well-being

By encouraging active posture and deep breathing, the Swiss ball can help reduce stress and anxiety. Dynamic sitting on the ball seat promotes the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones, which can lead to a feeling of calm and relaxation. This reduction in stress can improve morale and contribute to a more positive and productive work environment.

Testimonials: Using an exercise ball in the office

Using an exercise ball at the office is sometimes described as the miracle solution to muscle and joint pain caused by prolonged sitting at the office.

So, myth or reality? Those who use a Swiss ball at work talk about it better than us…

Like Stéphanie, who resolved persistent back pain using a Swiss ball at the office :

“I work sitting 8 hours a day. I had severe lower back pain due to poor posture throughout the day. I now use the ball. It forces me to maintain a dynamic posture throughout the day. And in the evening, miraculously, I don't have back pain. I am delighted and I share my enthusiasm with my colleagues”

Or Yvonne, who was able to continue sewing without back fatigue:

“I no longer have this back fatigue when I sew since I use my B loon ! Not only is it very pleasant to use, it is also aesthetically beautiful!”

Or Véronique who saw her back pain reduce with the use of a posture ball in the office ...

“I like its look, its stability. After a slight adaptation time, the time necessary to find the best posture, it allows you to adopt a straight seat to work on a computer. I felt less pain in my back due to its flexibility which allows for a readjustment of posture. Very good product that I recommend .

To discover the Swiss Ball used by Stéphanie , Yvonne and Véronique , click here .

Would you also like to try the balloon seat at work ? We answer all your questions about using the balloon chair in the office .

The integration of a balloon chair into the office has transformed the daily lives of Stéphanie, Yvonne and Véronique by considerably improving their comfort and health.

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FAQ: Everything you need to know about using the balloon chair in the office

How to use a gym ball in the office?

To use a gym ball at the office , sit on it with your feet flat on the floor, knees bent 90 degrees and back straight. Use it as an alternative office chair and do gentle movements to strengthen muscles and improve your posture.

Which ball to work in the office?

To work in the office with a balloon chair , choose a balloon chair adapted to your size and needs. Look for those designed specifically for professional use or extended daily use. Bloon gym balls have been specially designed for prolonged use at work, and are available in different sizes to suit everyone.

How to properly sit on a ball?

To properly sit on a ball, position yourself centrally with an upright posture, keeping your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Engage the abdominal muscles to maintain balance.

How to choose the right size office balloon?

To choose the right size desk balloon , measure your sitting height and choose a balloon with a matching or slightly larger diameter. Make sure your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle when sitting on it. For simplicity, Bloon gym balls offer two different sizes: One size for those over 6 feet tall, and one for those under 6 feet tall.

Can using a yoga ball completely replace a traditional office chair?

Using a yoga ball can partially replace a traditional office chair, but it may not be suitable for all work environments or situations. It is recommended to use it alternately with an ergonomic chair to avoid excessive fatigue.

What precautions should be taken when using a pilates ball in the office?

When using a pilates ball at the office , be sure to inflate it properly and maintain proper posture to avoid muscle strain. Alternate regularly with an office chair to avoid excessive fatigue.

Can using a gym ball lead to increased muscle fatigue?

Using a gym ball can lead to increased muscle fatigue at first, as the stabilizing muscles are put under greater strain. However, this should decrease as your muscles adapt to using the exercise ball .

What is the recommended amount of time to sit on a ball chair during a work day?

The recommended amount of time to sit in a ball chair during a workday varies depending on personal preference and comfort level. It is recommended to take regular breaks to stretch and change positions.

Can using a desk ball cause pain or discomfort?

Although using a desk ball may cause some pain or discomfort at first, this should lessen as your body gets used to the posture and movement. If pain persists, consult a healthcare professional.

Are there people for whom using an exercise ball in the office is not recommended?

People with severe back problems, dizziness, or other significant health problems should consult their doctor before using an exercise ball at the office .

How to properly inflate and maintain a balloon seat?

To properly inflate and maintain a balloon seat , use an appropriate pump to achieve the correct air pressure. Check the firmness regularly and avoid placing it near heat sources or abrasive surfaces. If you purchase a Bloon balloon seat , the pump is included.

What is the typical lifespan of a gym ball and when should I consider replacing it?

The typical lifespan of a gym ball depends on the quality of the material and usage. In general, it is recommended to replace it every 1 to 2 years, or whenever you notice signs of wear like cracks or loss of firmness. If you are looking for a quality gym ball , Bloon gym balls are among the highest quality on the market.