Written by Pierre MARSANT


How to stretch on your Bloon in 3 min?

Mathilde loves her job and spends a lot of time in front of her screen, more than 7 hours a day.

Like many of us, she suffers from back pain from standing still. She has already taken a step against her sedentary lifestyle by getting a Bloon and we congratulate her;)

She would like to take a step forward in her way of approaching her day. Some time ago, she contacted us on the chat to go further in her approach and asked us for advice.

It was then that Kévin Rayess, our co-founder and osteopath, took over and spoke to him about the importance of stretching throughout the day.

He recommended a few exercises to her... She adopted them, tested them and approved 100% of their effectiveness!

This conversation, we wanted to put it in pictures so that it is beneficial for all of you #blooners.

It's because we love taking care of our community of #blooners that we are pleased to share this new stretching video, made under the supervision of our osteopath Kévin Rayess.

The proposed exercises should be performed at a slow pace, smoothly and without forcing the movement.
Hold each position for about 5 seconds and repeat each movement 3 times.

Looking forward to reading your comments 🚀