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Boost the motivation and performance of your employees, by offering them a design and ergonomic seat in the colors of your brand.

Designed by an osteopath

reduces pain associated with sitting

facilitates movement

Bloon, a hybrid chair and customizable

Your bloons in your colors

Customize your Bloons:
- a tailor-made belt
- your logo on the cover
- 100% personalized

Arrange your workspaces

Reinvent your workspace with the Bloon Paris balloon seat!

Optimize well-being at work

Balloon seats provide comfort, health and improve productivity at work.

The opinions of the pros

BNP Paribas tested bloon

Pierre Raynaud, Director at BNP-Paribas

"The quality of life at work and the well-being of our employees are subjects that are of great concern to us and I thought that Bloon could improve it.
I was not mistaken, the feedback from employees is good, everyone uses it in their own way, some permanently, others alternately with a classic office chair.
The seat is personal, each employee has received their own and, as we have kept teleworking since the Covid period, some have chosen to install it at home to use it for teleworking, which is also proof that the Bloon seat please."

Osteo in the office

Together, let's go further, call on our co-founder and osteopath Kévin Rayess to intervene in your premises to coach your teams on the well-being gestures to adopt at work.

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Using a ball seat as an office chair helps strengthen back muscles and posture, by forcing the body to maintain a balanced position on an unstable surface. Its use also helps relieve chronic lower back pain by providing dynamic support and helping to loosen tight muscles.

Unlike traditional office chairs, the ball seat encourages a more dynamic sitting posture, which helps prevent pain associated with prolonged sitting.