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Bloon keeps you in a dynamic posture, a moving posture that helps prevent back pain, strengthens abdominal & lumbar muscles and improves blood circulation.

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The benefits of active sitting

A French invention

Bloon keeps you in a dynamic posture that promotes the circulation of energy in the body.

strengthens the abs

tones the lower back

improves blood circulation

When a design lover meets an osteopath, they design a new hybrid seat that not only looks good, but is good for your back. Bloon is an innovative new generation of furniture that is both beneficial and aesthetic for a playful experience.

Stabilizing weighted base

360° handle belt

Hand sewn fabrics

The advice of our osteo

"There are no good or bad postures, what matters is to be in motion. Regular use of the Bloon contributes to the improvement of muscle tone."


Osteopath & co-founder of Bloon

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